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Giancarlo Anzellotti

Meet Giancarlo Anzellotti, a dedicated and passionate natural bodybuilder in the challenging realm of Men's Physique. His fitness journey commenced in 2016, where he first delved into the demanding world of CrossFit. Despite being consistently labeled as the "skinny guy" throughout his life, this only fueled his determination to transform his physique and embark on a new path.

In late 2020, Giancarlo decided to shift gears and immerse himself in the world of bodybuilding. Under the guidance of his mentor, Adam, he took the plunge and boldly stepped onto the stage, participating in two shows in late 2021. The experience of pushing his body to the limit and achieving a shredded physique ignited a realization – more muscle was the key to elevating his game.

Unfazed by the challenges ahead, Giancarlo committed himself to a full year offseason, embarking on his first-ever true bulk. The year 2023 marked his triumphant return, armed with newfound strength and a resolute mission: to secure his natural IFBB Pro card as a Men's Physique competitor.

Having been a natural competitor his entire life, Giancarlo is a staunch advocate for clean and authentic bodybuilding. His journey in the sport unveiled an unexpected passion for posing. This revelation inspired him to extend his knowledge to others, and has had the privilege of working with numerous clients, guiding them to look and feel their best on stage.

Grateful for the teachings of his mentor Adam, Giancarlo has seamlessly adopted his coaching techniques, assuming the role of a mentor himself. The journey is ongoing, and Giancarlo embraces the philosophy that "the job's not finished." This mantra reflects his relentless pursuit of excellence and the belief that the process of self-improvement is an ongoing, lifelong commitment.

In Giancarlo's world, the mantra "you don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" resonates deeply. It encapsulates not just his personal journey but also serves as an inspiring reminder to those he mentors – that greatness is not an innate trait but a product of consistent effort, resilience, and the courage to take that first step toward one's goals.

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