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Shauna Johnson

Shauna was an avid CrossFitter but after a couple shoulder surgeries, she turned to the competition route and jumped into the bikini division of bodybuilding. A quick 16 week prep and adapting to the bodybuilding lifestyle, she earnd two first place, a second place and an overall at her first competition. This is when she quickly knew she a had a new passion. Shauna has competed in 3 regional and 1 national shows in just a year and a half of starting. She is a busy mom of two boys, owner and esthetician at her salon and NASM certified nutrition coach. Shauna’s passion has always been to help others feel beautiful and confident. As an esthetician of 12.5 years, she has encountered all walks of life and many women who just want to look and feel better. She is eager to help those looking to jump start their fitness journey and those who want to dive deeper and achieve more fitness and nutritional goals. She is a firm believer that each plan should be individualized and not cookie cutter. Everyone learns in their own unique way and has different obsticles they encounter. She wants to utilize her excellent communication, listening and no b.s. Skills to work with her clients to attain their goals no matter the size!

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