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Fran Thomas - IFBB Pro

It’s no surprise that I’m in the fitness industry.

Ever since we were toddlers, our parents schooled us on the importance of exercise, diets and wellness.  My grandfather was a boxer, my dad surrounded us with sports (taking us to various sporting events) and my mom was also into wellness: focusing on supplements and staying active, while popping in fitness videos & attending

 dance classes. Pair that with the fact that I admired professional athletes and superheroes and desired to attain the physique and drive they possessed.

Despite this environment and my aspirations, I was somewhat dissuaded because of listening to others. As a youth, my physique was far from that of an athlete or superhero, and friends told me I’d never reach my goal.  I was a very skinny kid,

adolescent and even young adult.

While those thoughts laid in my subconscious, I never stopped putting in work to be and look like a competitive athlete. Rather, I was determined to prove them wrong using their negativity to fuel my flames.

It worked! In time I competed in and won championships across the US as a basketball player, football player, even having a brief stint in professional wrestling and acting. And, since I was successful in all these other fitness arenas, I turned my attention to my primary goal – achieving the ultimate physique.  I eventually attained professional status in the International Federation of Body Building (IFBB), in 2017.

Through the years I noticed improvements and continue to attain improvements in my physique and overall wellness. As my body improved, I wanted to improve my understanding of my body and how it functioned. I spent hours studying the body, and sought formal training, leading to my becoming licensed as an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) nutritionist.

For me, the concept of health and wellness is not just a science, it’s an art. As a nutritionist and personal trainer, you explore macronutrients/micronutrients, supplementation, and exercise techniques. The art comes in the ability to apply those details in a way that works for the client based on his/her mentality, physique, metabolism, and lifestyle. Fusing the two together is why my clients have seen amazing results since my first clients in the early 2000’s.

Currently, I enjoy training celebrities, high profile clients from the NBA, NFL, and MLB, as well as bodyguards and security detail for A-list athletes and celebrities. I specialize in “contest prep” working closely with top-tiered US and international athletes prepping them to successfully compete across the National Physique Committee (NPC) and IFBB, including Olympia-level competitors. 

But my true passion is helping regular lifestyle adults lead a healthy and happy life with proper diet, nutrition and workout programs that do not break the bank or consume too much time away from their family and jobs. The fact that we can coach an individual to lose weight, while still eating foods that they love is what sets us apart from most organizations and diet fads.

This passion and my entrepreneurial spirit are what drove me to successfully abandon 30 years working for a Fortune 100 Company, to relocate to Las Vegas…and pursue this specific type of coaching full-time. I don’t take for granted my time in Corporate America because I was afforded many opportunities in Operations Management, Business Process Coaching, and consultation with a focus on Corporate Wellness, diversity & inclusion. These and other positions enabled me to educate hundreds of employees/working-class adults on physical fitness and nutrition.



My enthusiasm, education, self-application, supportive interaction, and personalized training approach is why I develop a special connection with my clients and also what connected me with Team See You Later Leaner.  As an accredited/certified Professional Licensed Coach (Case Western Reserve University) and the Director of Operations and Strategic Partnerships Experience, I’ve been with SYLL since 2017.  I not only bring my coaching expertise to the SYLL team, I also hold various licenses and certifications including:


Bachelor of Arts - Management | Cleveland State University

Certified Coach | Case Western Reserve University’s (CWRU) Weatherhead School of Management

Licensed Emotional Intelligence Leader Training | CWRU’s Weatherhead School of Management

Diversity and Inclusion Council Leadership & Training

Certified Fitness Trainer | Neufit Education

Level II Certified Practitioner Licensed Practitioner | Neufit Education

IFBB Pro Athlete/Trainer/Coach


My mission as your coach is to: 

Help you achieve your fitness goals regardless of your phase in life.

I would love to coach you.

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