Anna Abouzeid 

I have been a lifelong athlete which in unique ways led me to my bodybuilding and coaching journey today. As an adolescent I developed an unhealthy style of overtraining and undereating due to my aggressive mindset as a varsity cross country athlete. I mindlessly developed this fascinating theory that depriving myself of nutrients would result in running the fastest 5K’s and earning a state title. However, my claim was evidently incorrect. I attribute my disorder to the major transition period in my early adolescents when my family informed me that I was moving from my childhood home, Portland, Oregon to Rochester Hills, Michigan. The realization that I was struggling both physically and mentally came upon me when my family, friends and primary care physicians grew concerned of my health. This was the moment I knew I needed to find myself again. Eager to change, I shifted my focus to educating myself and spending countless hours of research on how I could organically regain strength for my mind and body. It is why I sought out bodybuilding and began to change my relationship with food. At this time I found team See You Later Leaner and competed In my first NPC bikini bodybuilding competition. I won the overall for both True Novice and Novice, and nationally qualified with a second place finish in Open Class A. This was the start of an obsession and a newfound career. 


As I continued my bodybuilding journey I acknowledged my growth and ambition for the sport. In the face of adversity, I was nothing but inspired to embrace a career that will offer the support for mental and physical health for those who need it most. Within the last four years I completed my Bachelors at Oakland University with a Health Science major, Pre Professional concentration, alongside of a minor in exercise science and nutrition. In the midst of my rigorous Pre-med course work I studied the sport of bodybuilding in detail. I asked questions, conducted my own research, attended shows, completed certifications, and worked alongside of SYLL head coach Adam Atkinson.  During this time I also competed in three NPC bikini competitions, placing first place twice and second place one time resulting in three total national qualifications.


To further my passion I led and conducted research at Oakland University from 2019-2020 based in Wellness and Health Promotion. This was a one year data collection and entry protocol that worked directly with female and male participants in obtaining normative data for balance, muscular strength and muscular endurance. During this time I received an extensive training course in developing training programs (hypertrophy, powerlifting, bodybuilding, power building, progressive overload, failure etc..)  and how to adequately assessing weight loss results from images and also tools such as BMI, DEXA, waist circumference and skin fold measurements. 


Alongside of my research, hospital job and full time student work load, I was also a Personal Trainer and Group X Instructor at Powerhouse Troy Michigan for Two years. During this time, I collaborated with many individuals striving to improve themselves. My Group X classes consisted of hour-long boot camps that allowed me to assess and challenge the disciplines of others. Similarly, my personal trainees strengthened my ability to listen, positively communicate and instill adaptive methods of exercise tailored to ones needs.


All of this experience solidified my desire to work with individuals as an online coach. I started stepping foot into this role with team SYLL as our Teams Bikini and Wellness Posing Coach. Adam and team coach’s mentored me into coming into this position and saw my potential by constantly attending shows, committing to the sport,  being a mentor for the team and having the eye for detail. In just 3 months I grew a team of 60+ girls for posing from many teams all over the nation both virtually and in person. 


Fast Forward to October 2021, I was onboarded as SeeYouLaterLeaners assistant coach alongside of my posing business. My clinical, personal and educational background is what brought me to this position today. I became a licensed  Diet Doc Program Owner and Prep Coach under Dr. Joe Klemczewski and plan to continue my education to enhance my coaching services for team SYLL as a Future Physician myself.


My mission: I strive to be an advocate for athletes to strengthen themselves from the inside out and to find their strength just like I did in my early teens. I aspire to create an atmosphere allowing lifestyle and competition clients to freely express their feelings, to create strong relationships with food and to validate symptoms that will never be overlooked here at team SYLL.